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Hydroseeding & Hydromulching Services for Hydroseeding

and Sod by Taravella's Hydro Turf

in Pueblo, Colorado Springs & Denver, CO

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Hydroseeding is also referred as liquid sod, spray on grass, spray on lawns or spray on sod. Hydroseeding consists of using a custom premium seed mix, 100% wood fiber mulch, and tackifier when needed, water and fertilizer mixed in a Hydroseeding machine to form a perfect slurry. The slurry is sprayed, under pressure, uniformly onto the prepared soil to start a beautiful lawn mowing in 21 days weather permitting. This slurry is a high quality, custom-blended, drought tolerant Blue Grass.

Hydromulching offers better results than conventional seeding at a lower cost, generally one third to one half of the price of sodding. We have been landscaping beautiful lawns from Pueblo to Denver to Colorado Springs for over 40 years. Hydroseeding and liquid soil is a better, more affordable alternative to sod.

Hydroseeding Season (March 25th thru October 15th) Colorado Native Grasses - Seeding Year-Round

Front Yard — Hydroseeding Services in Pueblo, CO
Garden — Hydroseeding Services in Pueblo, CO
Green Garden — Hydroseeding Services in Pueblo, CO
Pro Sports Turf is custom blended for Hydroseeding and Sod byTaravella's Hydro-Turf. Ideal for new seeding or renovating homes, football, soccer, baseball fields and playgrounds, churches, waste water treatment plants, residential homes, amusement parks, pond dams, walking trails, golf courses, parks & recreation, apartment complexes, cemeteries, utilities, landfills, drainageways, and wild game food plots and much more. This mix was developed to provide durable, deep-rooted, high quality turf on high traffic areas. Resistant to diseases common to intensively managed turf areas. Superior wear tolerance and excellent winter hardiness. Excellent spring and fall vigor with superior midsummer performance.
Advantages of Hydroseeding/Liquid Sod:
  • At a fraction of the cost of sod (example Hydro Seeding 5,000 sq. ft. is $800 vs. sod $3,000 ) in Pueblo (call for your area)
  • Choice of seeds & wildflowers (with no weeds)
  • Planting process is efficient & economical
  • Less watering than sod (mulch holds 11 times it's weight in water)
  • Environmentally safe
  • Watering info & care kit left when we complete installation
  • Slows erosion
  • Commercial, Residential, Agricultural & Industrial Hydroseeding
Characteristics of Pro Sports Turf (Custom Blend) :
  • Medium to dark green color
    • Medium texture
    • Withstands heat, winter, heavy traffic
    Light/Soil Requirements:
    • Performs best in full sun
    • Adaptable to a variety of soils
    Establishment Rate:
    • Germinates in 7-21 days with proper moisture
    • Fully establishes in one growing season
    • 50% - Elite Kentucky Bluegrasses (drought tolerant)
    • 50% - Elite Perennial Ryegrasses
    Spray on Grass and Spray on Sod
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