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Colorado Springs

Testimonials for Hydroseeding Services in Pueblo, Colorado Springs (Including Monument, Tri-Lakes, Black Forest, Fountain, Peyton, Calhan),Denver, Parker & Elizabeth

I do every job myself!!! I do great work and come highly recommended!!! Proudly serving Colorado for 40 years!!!

Jason S.

Excellent service. If you are looking to save some money and have a beautiful lawn in 21 days Hydro Turf is the way to go. I had both my front and back yard sprayed and it is amazing how thick and green my lawn is now. Super easy to follow the instructions provided after the Hydro Turf was sprayed. I would highly recommend getting your lawn sprayed in by Taravellas Hydro Turf. Happy customer for sure.

Chrome A.

Very professional, and a much better choice than going with sod.

Brandon A.

Had my yard sprayed by Tarv's this spring, and in no time at all had the best looking yard in the neighborhood.

Emily P.

"Sam from Taravella's Hydro Turf sprayed our yard recently and it looks absolutely amazing! We could not believe how quickly the grass grew! It was extremely affordable and well worth it! Sam also provided us with written instructions for how to care for our lawn which was very helpful! I would highly recommend Taravella's Hydro Turf!"

Lacy E.

"Simply amazing. Quick and gorgeous. Taravella was affordable and exceeded my expectations."


"Amazing and beautiful lawn. Taravella went above and beyond my expectations. Recommend to everyone..."

Paully M.

Seed a Lawn
"He is very fast and professional on his work."

Charlene C.

Seed a Lawn
"He was on time and dependent. Did a great job!"

Christi J.

Seed a Lawn
"We owned a house and needed to sell it and had just dirt in the front yard, a friend recommended them and the lawn grew quick and we sold the home for $10,000 more than our asking price and we drive by the house from time to time and it still looks beautiful."

Tony M.

Seed a Lawn
"They did a really good job."


Annette D.

Prompt, Professional and Informative - Highly Recommended!
"The service was excellent. Sam was prompt and the job was completed in a hasty manner. Sam was professional at all times. He answered all of our questions and provided written instructions that were very easy to follow. The final product, the lawn, was beautiful and lush. My husband and I were very excited that we chose Taravella's Hydro Turf. We have recommended Taravella's Hydro Turf to all of our friends."

S. Walls

The Best Price in Town + Quick Service = The Right Decision
"I was looking at a lot of local businesses originally to install sod in my front lawn, and I found a few that gave me pretty decent estimates. When I talked to Taravella's though, I knew immediately I wanted to go with them; their price blew me away! And it was definitely the right decision. They were fast, on time, and my lawn looks great now! Thanks so much!"

Susan C.

Outstanding Savings
"I was looking for sod and found Taravella's Hydro Turf, and I am so glad I did. It was a fraction of the cost and grew so quick. My lawn looks amazing."


Reasonable Rates and Fast Service Give the Best Lawn in the Neighborhood
"The price was very reasonable, and they were timely and quick. I love my lawn now! It's seriously the best one in my neighborhood."

Ted M.

Hydro Gives Greener Grass & Stronger Roots on All My Properties
"I first used Taravella Hydro Mulch almost 30 years ago. The front lawn is still there and looking great. Over the years I have hired Sam to plant several yards for my office and rental properties. The grass greens up faster than sod in the spring and the root system is much better than sod. Sam planted a lawn for me last spring with hydro turf and we were mowing the lawn by the end of the month. This is the second season for that yard and it's the best looking lawn on the block. I have used sod and I have used grass seed. I have to say that hydro mulch wins the comparison test every time. Taravella operates out of Pueblo Colorado but does some business in Colorado Springs and Denver Colorado as well. I can recommend Taravella Hydro Turf to anyone and now they will be happy with the job and the long lasting product which equals a great looking yard."

Maile O.

Lush Grass Kids Love to Play On
"My husband and I used Taravella's Hyrdo seeding to beautify our property. We couldn't be happier with the results. The grass is so lush and beautiful, enough so that our 8 year old granddaughter loves playing on it. The turf is very think and beautiful. It saved us more money than laying sod. Better results and nicer grass. I cannot believe the amount of money that we saved by using Hydro turf seeding instead of sod. I would highly recommend Taravella's Hydo Turf to everyone. Great company and Great quality grass. Thank you for giving us a Great Yard."

Mark Q.

All Around Great Service at a Great Price
"Great Service all around, quick and reliable. Much cheaper than sod too."

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